My friend Yvonne Robery just gave me this gift of a poem.  I asked her if I could share it here, and she said yes.

Thank you, Yvonne, for writing so beautifully about friendship.  Thank you for keeping faith with me, through all the years.




What did our voices sound like

at the point of recognition?  Our names

we said to each other in delight

through the history, the recent past, the claims

made throughout the years,

the knowledge of each others’ fears.


At the point of recognition, our names

defined the time from college when

we first met, many of our friends the same,

to the moment we hugged right then,

I knew your father had just died,

saw the raw loss still in your eyes.


We said to each other in delight

we must get together, maybe next week,

we would love to see you one night,

my husband, my kids.  I kissed your cheek

and your arms stayed around me

with many unspoken emotions set free.


Through the history, the recent past, we claim

our friendship again and again

for future events sure to happen

and to surprise us again as we fend

our ways through the space and time

writing living looking for the sublime


made throughout the years

with our voices on the page

all the words written down or in our ears

you tell the stories and I continue to rage

with poetry, all the right words

all the tries at translating what seems absurd.


The knowledge of each others’ fears

made us feel less alone, driven

as we are to order even private tears

for all, to connect the many givens

of risk love laughter loss life —

what did our voices sound like?


— ybr


2 Responses to “voices”

  1. Petra Says:

    A lovely poem. You have an amazing friend.

  2. KHS Says:

    She is an amazing friend, and her poetry just gets better and better with every passing year. I long for her first book.

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