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Happy 2016! I started off the year with a bang–literally. Two days after my birthday on January 4th, a car ran a stop sign and set my little Civic, and my head, spinning. As I said on Facebook:  it was like the Tilt-a-Whirl . . .   But not. I’ve spent much of the last […]


Sourcebooks, that wonderful, force-to-be-reckoned-with independent publisher who published my YA Novel, WHILE HE WAS AWAY, contacted me to say that the book is part of the NOOK Under $2.99 Assortment from now until 11/22! Super happy about this . . . it’s a special thing indeed when a publisher keeps a book alive in this […]

déjà vu, Donald Trump

The last month, particularly the last handful of days, has proven surreal for me, thanks to real-estate mogul Donald Trump. Having inserted himself into yet another facet of our lives with his presidential aspirations and desire to “Make America Great Again,” Trump has garnered attention for his political views regarding immigration. In rhetoric that is eerily similar […]


Here it is!   As with SING FOR ME, Beth Adams, my editor at Simon & Schuster/Howard Books, and the imprint’s art director, Bruce Gore, were kind enough to include me in the discussion as they worked to create the cover. We talked about some of what the novel holds:  1930’s imagery, the colors we associate […]

the single tree that was our forest fell, and we heard it.

When we first entered this house, ten-plus years ago, I walked straight to the open, angled expanse of the front room windows and looked out at the bare branches of the large maple that rose before me, and said, “This place could work. It would be almost like living in a tree house.”  We moved […]

outside my bedroom window: broken ground

It has been over six months since I last posted here. This astonishes me. I am trying to understand why the long delay. In honor of David Letterman’s recent leave-taking, here are the top 10 reasons I’ve come up with, in no particular order: 1. Pressing editorial deadlines 2. Verbally spent upon meeting pressing editorial […]

happy belated first-draft-done

I’m looking at 50% on my laptop’s battery bar. I tell you this because this is the amount of time I’ve allotted to myself to write this post. 49% now. I will finish this post before the bar hits code red. And I will not simply dither on like this, either. I will say something—something—about […]

Until All Saints’ Day

Friends, the manuscript of my next novel, BROKEN GROUND, is due to Beth Adams, my editor at Simon & Schuster/Howard Books this coming November 1st. I’m taking it to heart that this is also All Saints’ Day, a Holy Day of Obligation. To honor this obligation, I will be taking more time than usual away […]

Publishers Lunch Announcement

And here’s more on next book, including the one-sentence synopsis and the title, posted in PUBLISHERS LUNCH! July 30, 2014 Fiction: General/Other Pushcart Prize Winner and author of SING FOR ME, Karen Halvorsen Schreck’s BROKEN GROUND, about a young broken-hearted widow who, seeking to escape her grief and the East Texas Dust Bowl, discovers a […]

new book contract signed!

Happy day! And here’s proof positive, documented by my son: More to come soon, but I’ll say this for now . . . The novel’s working title is BROKEN GROUND. Like SING FOR ME, it’s set in the 1930s (this time, the exact settings are Oklahoma and California). And it’s being published by Simon & […]